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Nina Kamiyama
Yamagishi Miyu
Hikaru Horiuchi
Nagasu Miku
The manga's story begins at a handshake event for the idol group Pure Club, who are known as "the best mini skirt idols in the world." Only Pure Club member Karen Amemiya has a huge line at the event. Eventually, a rain-soaked male fan comes to the front of the line. When Karen goes to shake his hand, he cuts her with a knife.

A half year later, high school student Nina Kamiyama is the only girl at school who wears the uniform pants instead of a skirt. She is disconnected from her fellow students and always alone. When classmates start to talk to her, she brusquely cuts them off.

The teacher suddenly tells Nina's class that all club activities for female students are cancelled for the time being. A suspicious person was reported going after a girl at a nearby school as she returned home. In light of the incident, female students return home in groups without participating in after-school activities. However, Nina leaves alone. A figure with a knife appears out of nowhere.

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Nina Kamiyama (になかみやま, Nina Kamiyama?) is the main protagonist of the manga series Sayonara Miniskirt who was initially a member of Pure Club. Though initially more feminine in appearance...


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